We Tied the Knot!
Introducing Mr. and Mrs. King
As of April 30, we are excited to announce the union of:

Shannon William King
Rachel Joy White

Our future success as a couple is important to us and spending a large sum of money on a wedding seemed like a step in the wrong direction.  We would love to host a party in the future for all our family and friends to attend and meet.  We will keep you posted on a time and date.  Please sign our guestbook in the top right corner so we have your information for future updates.

The blueprints of each of our lives are altererd with every decisions we make.  For now, we're plannig on hunnymooning in mid May (pending weather) and will add photos to this site of the first vaction we take as Husband and Wife.  Thank you all for being in our lives and supporting our union; we love you all!
Shannon and Rachel King
11609 E 25th Street S
Independence, MO 64052

Him: 816-522-1371 
Her: 985-674-8460
We are not expected gifts yet if you would like to make a donation to our future, know that you are contributing to the renovation of our home and are helping set the foundation of a lasting, happy life together.

Rachel, William and Shannon King
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